Our goal was to design a solvent recycling system that is portable, easy to use, and affordable.


Ziegler Caterpillar Bloomington, MN

We have 29 parts washers in our facility, we were generating 3,800 gallons of hazardous solvent per year, which was costing us a ridiculous amount of money in services, permits and training. We brought in 6 of the StillClean portable solvent recycling systems and we now produce no hazardous solvents whatsoever, our machines are clean when our guys need them and we were able to reduce our waste generator status with the state, saving money on permits. This is absolutely the way to go.

ATC Oklahoma City, OK

We’ve installed multiple StillClean units in our facility and are recovering thousands of gallons of solvent per year.

Radax Industries, Inc. Webster, NY

I just wanted to thank you. Your machine is wonderful and it does just what I was told it would do. In less than 3 months it has paid for itself. If you develop anything else, please contact me.

Quality Machined Products, Inc. Klamath Falls, OR

Quality Machined Products, Inc. is a small to medium sized production machine shop specializing in close tolerance work. We were consuming as much as 10 gallons of mineral spirits a week in our parts cleaning operation. Between our steady growth requiring an ever-increasing load on our cleaning solvent, the cost of fresh solvent, disposal costs, compounded with increasing petroleum prices, we had to do something to keep our costs in check. We also wanted to be environmentally conscious and reduce or eliminate our solvent waste stream. Recycling was our answer. We researched solvent recycling stills and were shocked at the prices associated with them, with a return on investment that was way out there for an operation of our size. Then we found the StillClean unit. It has the capacity to suit our needs for some years to come with an R.O.I. that is under 12 months.

Since purchasing the StillClean unit we have been recycling the waste solvent that was destined for disposal. The ease of use makes the StillClean a breeze to operate, and the recovered solvent is as clear as new solvent. The most impressive thing is your customer service. It far exceeded my expectations and should be a model for all businesses! Thanks for a great product.

Ralph's Diesel Service, Inc. Cazenovia, NY

Great machine guys, we love it. I can't believe you offer so much for so little!