StillClean FAQ

Our goal was to design a solvent recycling system that is portable, easy to use, and affordable.

1. What filters are used in the StillClean?

The StillClean unit is a distillation system. This means that the solvent is separated from the oil and grease through a heating and evaporation method that does not require any filters for the separation process. One filter is used on the solvent inlet line, but this is only used to keep dirt and debris out of the StillClean.

2. With the StillClean, will my solvent ever wear out?

No. Solvent only "wears out" when it has too much other stuff in it, like oils and greases. The StillClean is a distillation unit that will separate your solvent from all of the oil and grease, returning the solvent to a pure state. Our process is analogous to the evaporation of water and its return via rain. Water never wears out because each time it is evaporated by the sun, it is separated from the impurities in the water. The StillClean also uses an evaporation process that has the same net effect. The result is just pure, clean, water-like solvent that you can use continuously. No matter how many times your solvent has been distilled through your StillClean, the solvent that comes out of the StillClean will always be of the highest quality.

3. Will I ever have to buy solvent again?

You will have some solvent loss due to evaporation and residue left on parts after they've been cleaned. Over time, this will add up and you will need to add some solvent to your tank. Parts cleaner solvent can be ordered from us directly. Contact us for current pricing.

4. What kind of warranty does the StillClean come with?

The StillClean comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. As long as the StillClean is used appropriately, the manufacturer will repair or replace any malfunctioning StillCleans during the first 12 months of ownership. Some distributors offer a longer warranty period for an additional fee. If the warranty on your machine has expired, replacement parts are available to purchase.

5. Is the StillClean safe?

Yes. The basic technology of the StillClean has been in use for over 20 years and is very safe. The StillClean is listed by ETL to UL standards #201 (Garage Equipment) and #2208 (Solvent Distillation Units.) See here for more information about our listing.

6. What kind of maintenance will a StillClean require?

As long as it is used properly, the StillClean requires very little maintenance. Periodically, the used oil byproduct will need to be emptied from the unit through an easily accessible valve and combined with your other used oil. For most users, this only needs to be done every week or two. The air filter on the fan will need to be cleaned once every couple of months, depending on air quality and frequency of use. Once in awhile the oil filter on the inlet line will need to be replaced with a standard oil filter. Most users will only need to replace the filter once every two or three months.

7. What kind of maintenance will my parts cleaner require if I discontinue solvent service?

Over time, dirt and sludge will accumulate on the bottom of your solvent tank. For average users, this will only need to be removed once a year. Other than that, the StillClean will separate all of the oils and greases in your solvent into the oil byproduct reservoir.

8. I rent my parts cleaner through my service company. If I discontinue service, where can I get a parts cleaner and how much will it cost?

We sell new, and used parts washer systems that work with the StillClean. Contact us for pricing and availability.

9. How can the StillClean lower or eliminate my generation of hazardous waste?

Under a traditional solvent service plan, your service company brings you a new drum of solvent and takes away your old solvent. The solvent being taken away from your site is usually classified as a hazardous waste. Using the StillClean, you will never need to ship solvent offsite, eliminating this type of hazardous waste for your site.

10. How can the StillClean lower my liability?

If the hazardous waste being shipped from your location is ever spilled or disposed of in such a way that a cleanup is required, you may be required to pay for a portion of that cleanup. If you never generate hazardous waste, however, then it can never come back to haunt you. Depending on the environmental regulations in your state, you may lower or eliminate your production of hazardous waste with the StillClean.

11. Where can I purchase a StillClean?

Please contact us here at StillClean and we will be happy to help you or put you in touch with one of our representiatives.

12. Where can I get more information?

If you have additional questions that were not answered here, please contact us. See our contact information here.