About Us

Our goal was to design a solvent recycling system that is portable, easy to use, and affordable.

About the StillClean™ Company

As concern for the environment increased, regulations tightened on companies who generated large quantities of waste solvent. To meet the needs of these customers, Bob Westcott developed and patented a small distillation unit in 1988 to be used in conjunction with parts cleaners - the Ace Solvent Reclaimer. Many customers were able to change their generator status from Large Quantity Generator or Small Quantity Generator to Conditionally Exempt Generator just by the use of the Reclaimer Program.

Drawform continued to improve on its Ace Solvent Reclaimer through the years of use in the field. In 2002, Drawform decided to integrate its proven technology into an even smaller unit for purchase and use by end users. After two years of research and design on the new model, the StillClean was born.

In December of 2011, OSI Environmental, Inc. acquired the StillClean technology from Drawform, Inc. of Canby, Oregon. OSI Environmental is a Minnesota based company that has provided recycling and environmental services since 1988. We have sold, leased, and serviced StillClean recyclers for many years and are excited to add this excellent product to our line. StillClean recycling units will now be manufactured at our Anoka, Minnesota facility. To learn more about OSI, visit our website at www.osienv.com.